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Debra Olsen & Kamala Harris




A Progressive Statesman Ahead of His Time

The Honorable Clubert Levy Olson

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Debra Dean Olson With Governor  Jerry Brown

Debra Dean Olson with Governor
Jerry Brown 
in Beverly Hills in 1975

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Governor of California 1939-1943

 Podcast With Michael Scheer, at the Annenberg Center, USC


Podcast 2008

A Dream Ticket Spot for Clinton? 
A Radio Interview about Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton with Debra Dean Olson, Environmentalist and Feminist

Past, Present, and Future
Presentation by Debra Dean Olson at The California State Library

Sacramentro Presentation On Governor Culbert Olson

Debra Dean Olson & Kaitlyn Olson
Governor Culbert Olson Exhibit & Presentation, Sacramento, CA 2016

Governor Culbert Levy Olson's granddaughter Debra Dean Olson is proud to receive "The Courage To Tell The Truth Award" at the Freedom from Religion Foundation Conference in San Francisco November 2nd 2018.

Governor Elect Culbert Levy Olson being sworn in Portrait

"Sadly organized religion will be the downfall of humankind."
Culbert Levy Olson's Presidential Address, United Secularists of America Convention, August 10th, 1952

 Rachelle Carson and Ed Begley Jr.
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Earth Charter Initiative
Read The Earth Charter Initiative In Your Language

A framework for building a just, sustainable and peaceful global society for the 21st century.

Honoring the Progressive Policies

of Governor Culbert Levy Olson

Presidential Campaign 2008 In West Hollywood

Presidential Campaign 2008 in West Hollywood.

Senator Elisabeth Warren with Debra Deanne Olson

Senator Elizabeth Warren with Debra Dean Olson at Beverly Hills Fundraiser, 2015 

Debra Olson With President Bill Clinton

Debra Olson With President Bill Clinton at Girls and Boys Club in Santa Monica

Clinton Global initiative with Chrysta and Kaitlyn Olson in New York City 2006

Hillary for President In Beverly Hills

Chrysta Olson Bilton, Kaitlyn Olson, and Debra Olson in Beverly Hills with Hillary Clinton, Presidential Primary 2008

Chrysta Bilton, Bill Clinton, Kaitlyn Olson


Chrysta Bilton, Bill Clinton and Kaitlyn Olson At CGI Summit in New York

Debra Olson With Senator Barbara Boxer

Debra Olson with Senator Barbara Boxer at Daphna Ziman's home in Beverly Hills

"Ready for Hillary Event" 2016

Debra Olson with Senator Dianne Feinstein in 1988

Debra Olson with Senator Dianne Feinstein in 1988

Debra Olson With Barack Obama and Friends

Debra Olson with Presidential Candidate Barack Obama at Boston Democratic Convention 2008


Lobbyist, Writer, Political, Environmental, and Peace Activist. Debra served as a member of the Business Council of Women during the 2008 presidential primary. She is still dedicated heart and soul to the principles and ideals that Hillary Clinton stands for and will continue to be her advocate.


Serving as a political and peace activist, Debra is committed to fostering a culture of peace, connecting like-minded individuals and organizations to create a sustainable and healthy society. Debra Olson has been an active member of the Clinton Global Initiative since 2006. She served as a member of the Business Council of Women for Hillary Clinton during the Presidential Primary 2008 and was a staunch contributor and organizer for the Hillary for President 2016 Campaign. As the National Senior Advisor and a Fundraising Consultant for the Kucinich for President Campaign in 2003, she designed and implemented the first online political fundraising campaigns nationwide. 

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